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MAKO Medical Partners with Mission Triangle to Strengthen Local Nonprofits and Foster Community Growth

Empowering Nonprofits: MAKO Medical Teams Up with Mission Triangle for Community Development

May 15, 2024

RALEIGH, NC, May 15, 2024 PRNewswire — MAKO Medical, a leader in comprehensive healthcare services and medical diagnostics, proudly announces its financial support of Mission Triangle, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering other nonprofits in the Triangle area through education, consulting, and resources. This strategic partnership aligns with MAKO Medical’s commitment to supporting community development and enhancing the quality of life for all residents in the Raleigh-Durham area.

MAKO Partners with Mission Triangle to Strengthen Local Nonprofits and Foster Community GrowthMAKO Partners with Mission Triangle to Strengthen Local Nonprofits and Foster Community Growth


Mission Triangle’s initiatives focus on strengthening the capacity and sustainability of local nonprofits, thereby amplifying their impact on addressing critical community needs such as education, healthcare, and social services. Through this financial support, MAKO Medical aims to contribute to the creation of a more resilient and vibrant community where individuals and families can thrive.

Doug Morgan, CAO of MAKO Medical, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Supporting Mission Triangle aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering healthy, strong communities. We recognize the pivotal role that nonprofits play in addressing our community’s most pressing challenges. By empowering these organizations through Mission Triangle, we are investing in the foundation of a better future for the Raleigh-Durham area.”

The contribution from MAKO Medical will enable Mission Triangle to expand its training programs, resources, and support services for local nonprofits, helping them to increase their operational efficiency, expand their reach, and enhance their impact on the community. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in building a network of strong, effective nonprofits that can respond more effectively to the needs of the community.

“MAKO Medical’s generous support comes at a crucial time when nonprofits are facing unprecedented challenges,” said Jim Dotson, Executive Director at Mission Triangle. “Their commitment to our mission will significantly boost our efforts to equip local nonprofits with the tools they need to succeed and make a lasting difference in our community. We are grateful for MAKO Medical’s partnership and shared dedication to strengthening the fabric of our community.”

This partnership exemplifies MAKO Medical’s broader commitment to corporate social responsibility and its active role in promoting the welfare of the Raleigh-Durham community. Through initiatives like this, MAKO Medical continues to demonstrate its dedication to making a positive and lasting impact.

To learn more about MAKO’s commitment to thriving communities; please visit MAKO Cares.  

About MAKO Medical
Founded with a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery, MAKO Medical combines advanced diagnostic testing with unparalleled customer service to meet the diverse needs of its clients. By integrating innovation with a deep commitment to community involvement, MAKO Medical strives to improve health outcomes and support the well-being of communities across the nation.

About Mission Triangle
Mission Triangle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the capacity and impact of local nonprofits in the Raleigh-Durham area. Through comprehensive training, consulting, and resource provision, Mission Triangle empowers nonprofit leaders and organizations to achieve their mission and contribute to a thriving, resilient community.

MAKO Medical Partners with Mission Triangle to Strengthen Local Nonprofits and Foster Community Growth (