Voice Check

Voice Check


It’s as easy as counting from 50 to 70 –
help to slow the spread by using just your voice.



What is Voice Check?

The Mobile App

Voice Check is an app that was developed by MAKO Medical and Vocalis Health. These companies joined forces to create a mobile application-based platform that leverages vocal biomarker technology by objectively assessing people with an unknown infection status regarding their respiratory health.

The Clinical Studies

Voice Check was developed in a multi-center trial including patients who tested positive and negative for respiratory health complications. It has been validated in multiple languages (including Spanish) across commercial and clinical pilots. Voice Check is a clinically-validated, voice-based tool that augments symptom screening effectiveness, enabling test prioritization for those people most likely to be positive for respiratory health complications.

The Original Development

The technology used for Voice Check was initially developed for chronic disease screening, mostly for pulmonary hypertension and heart failure. Over one million records have been catalogued and analyzed. The initial clinical validations were alongside Mayo Clinic studies.

How it Works

Screen your voice in under 30 seconds

  • Sign up using our secure login portal
  • Ensure you are in a quiet environment
  • Record your voice counting from 50-70
  • Answer a short symptom survey
  • Get your results within 10 seconds!

Donate Your Voice

To further hone this innovative technology, Mako Medical has started the Donate Your Voice campaign. We are excited to engage our community and enable individuals to help America by producing the best version of Mako Voice Check possible. See below for rules and participation.

Screen Your Voice Today

Take the assessment by downloading the app and signing in using our secure platform. The app will be coming soon to both Apple and Google Play app stores.

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