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MAKO Medical donates 20,000 COVID-19 test kits to the NC Medical Society

Kits to serve vulnerable populations in rural areas

June 16, 2020

Henderson, N.C. [June 16, 2020] In an effort to increase access to COVID-19 testing across North Carolina, MAKO Medical and the North Carolina Medical Society are partnering to provide 20,000 COVID-19 kits to help serve vulnerable populations that might not have access to fast and accurate testing.

“We are thrilled that Mako Medical Laboratory has been able to make available these tests to North Carolina Medical Society members and other health care providers,” said Franklin Walker, Vice President for Rural Health Systems Innovation at the North Carolina Medical Society.

This collaborative donation is in response to the lack of resources many rural communities are facing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rural areas are expected to be hard hit due lack of resources and access to needed testing. People who live in rural areas can be 30 miles, or more, away from the nearest hospital.

“MAKO Medical’s number one mission is to serve people,” said Josh Arant, Chief Operating Officer at MAKO Medical. “Right now, we can serve local communities by expanding access to COVID-19 testing in the rural and underserved communities of North Carolina. This collaboration with the North Carolina Medical Society comes at a good time when states are beginning to see infection rates spike in certain areas.”

The COVID-19 test deployed by MAKO Medical requires a nasal or throat swab. Once a patient is sampled, the test kit will be sent to MAKO’s Henderson, NC facility via FedEx or MAKO U.S. Military Veteran Logistics service where MAKO Laboratory professionals will analyze the tests and provide results within 24 – 48 hours.

  • Since March, MAKO Medical has processed more than 125,000 COVID-19 tests.
  • In addition to the COVID-19 nasal and throat swabs that people have become accustomed to seeing, MAKO Medical is now processing two different COVID-19 antibody tests. The Abbott SARS-CoV-2 IgG and the Diasorin Liaison SARS-CoV-2 S1/S2 IgG tests are EUA FDA approved and validated.
  • MAKO Medical is currently processing more than 10,000 tests per day, with plans to increase that number to 25,000 by end of July.
  • The company recently renovated 5,000 square feet to its Henderson, NC facility expanding its accessioning space.
  • MAKO went from one PCR instrument for research and development to seven dedicated to COVID-19.
  • In addition, MAKO added 8 antibody instruments that help read tests and determine if people have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • MAKO has also added people, expanding its operations from 50 employees working on one shift, to 150 people working around the clock.
  • MAKO is partnering with Rapid Reliable Testing to provide COVID-19 tests to students attending summer camps. This was reported June 5, 2020 in the New York Times.
  • MAKO is partnering with Luminate Health to provide a new patient portal offering real-time COVID-19 test results.
  • Faster turnaround times set MAKO Medical apart from its competitors. MAKO Medical returns COVID-19 test results in 24-48 hours.

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