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MAKO Medical Commits Financial Support to Compassion International

MAKO Medical Partners with Compassion International to Expand Child Development Initiatives in Guatemala

May 30, 2024

RALEIGH, NCMay 30, 2024 PRNewswire — In a significant move underscoring their commitment to global child welfare and development, MAKO Medical announces their financial support for Compassion International’s child development center at Iglesia Lluvias de Gracia La Turbina in Guatemala. This partnership aims to bolster the center’s remarkable efforts in serving the children and families of the community, providing comprehensive care that spans physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development

MAKO partners with Compassion International to release children from povertyMAKO partners with Compassion International to release children from poverty


The child development center, in collaboration with the local church currently supports 111 children and their families, offering a beacon of hope and a stronghold of support in the community. With the generous backing from MAKO Medical, the center is poised to expand its reach, aspiring to serve an average of 275 children and families, as is typical when such centers reach full maturity.

Over the course of an average 12-year sponsorship, program participants experience approximately 4,000 contact hours with the dedicated workers and volunteers at the center. This substantial engagement ensures that each child is not only known, loved, and protected but also introduced to the teachings of Jesus and his immense love for them. The center’s approach encompasses a holistic model of child development, addressing the multifaceted needs of children to foster their growth into capable and confident individuals.

“We are so grateful for the generous support of MAKO Medical in expanding the reach of this critical effort in Guatemala,” says Compassion International President and CEO Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado. “MAKO Medical’s long-standing commitment to care for others is deeply inspiring, and this incredible gift is instrumental in extending desperately needed, holistic care to the children and youth during the most at-risk years of their life.”

Doug Morgan, CAO of MAKO Medical reflecting on the decision to support Compassion International, stated, “Our partnership with Compassion International and the child development center in Guatemala is a reflection of our deep belief in the power of community and faith to transform lives. We are honored to contribute to such a meaningful cause and to support the incredible work being done to nurture and protect the most vulnerable members of our global family.”

This support marks a pivotal step forward in the mission to provide holistic care to children in need. It underlines a shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of children by ensuring they have access to the necessary resources for their all-around development.

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About MAKO Medical
Founded with a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery, MAKO Medical combines advanced diagnostic testing with unparalleled customer service to meet the diverse needs of its clients. By integrating innovation with a deep commitment to community involvement, MAKO Medical strives to improve health outcomes and support the well-being of communities across the nation.

About Compassion International
Compassion International is a Christian child development organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Founded in 1952, Compassion partners with more than 8,500 local churches in 29 program countries to deliver spiritual, economic, social, and physical care to over two million babies, children, and young adults in poverty. Ranked No. 13 in Forbes’ America’s Top Charities List in 2023.

MAKO Medical Commits Financial Support to Compassion International (