Why Mako Medical?

Precision. Accuracy. Innovation.

  • Highest instrumentation per doctor ratio
  • State of the Art Robotics/Automation
  • Internal Logistics Team
  • 100% on 3rd Party Quality Testing
  • Exceed All requirements for credentialing
  • Competitive Pricing

Customized Solutions

Custom Solutions For You!

  • Our Scientists can develop custom tests
  • Reports are tailored to your practice
  • Patient Analytics
  • Customized API technology
  • Flexible pick up schedule
  • Entire process built around your practice

Impacting Others

Mako is Dedicated to making an Impact Locally & Internationally

  • ONLY Hire Military Veterans for logistics
  • Support over 150 charities
  • Support over 41 missionaries
  • Mikey the Mako visiting hospitals
  • Internship opportunities for colleges

The Mako Medical Experience

Mako Medical Laboratories serves as an industry leader on how laboratories should truly support patients and healthcare professionals. Details Matter! The Mako Medical Laboratories team is led by nationally renowned Ph.Ds who specialize in methodology and assay development and pathology services. Mako Medical Laboratories’ facilities are equipped with state of the art robotics to ensure accuracy and precision with each sample. Also, each laboratory is outfitted with the industry’s leading Next Generation Sequencing, RT-PCR, LC-MS/MS, chemistry analyzers, and clinical pathology technology.

Mako Medical Laboratories’ highly trained laboratory team engineers custom methodologies and assays specific to your needs. This process gives Mako Medical Laboratories customers a distinct advantage when searching for specialized care and individualized medicine.

Mako Medical at Work

Mako Medical Laboaratories’ work begins within the brick and mortar of it’s facilities but Mako Medical Laboratories’ impact reaches beyond the laboratory doors and settles into the community. Mako Medical Laboratories’ services are merely a vehicle to change lives locally and globally through healthcare advancement and resource allocation. By dedicating a fixed percentage of revenue to local charity organizations, Mako Medical Laboratories is able to support children with disabilities, veterans, cancer research, and faith based ministries.

The Result?

Faster Turnaround times on all lab tests, more accurate results with less false positives, and a more cost effective solution for your laboratory needs. Call today to see why Mako Medical Laboratories is one of the fastest growing labs in the United States.